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Going Large

Recently I received several requests for larger paintings - at least 30" x 40." I remember when 11" x 14" seemed daunting, but always up for a challenge, I bought several large canvases and started painting. The thought of seeing my work on a larger scale, was exciting, but I didn't realize how much I would need to adapt to this new larger format. Sitting is no longer an option. I actually had muscle aches the first week I started painting on a large canvas. Using acrylics, which dry fast, I am used to mixing relatively small amounts of paint. Not practical with larger canvases, which use a huge amount of paint and also take a lot longer to complete then a smaller painting. Although there has been an adjustment period, I love the results. I am excited to start on my third large canvas, and am planning on creating at least one large painting each month.

Colorful Cape  30" x 40"

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