Art is a powerful way for me to express my inner thoughts and emotions and represent the world as I see it.  Creating art unleashes tension, provides a sense of peace in my life, allows for self-discovery, and is a way to share my God-given gift.  My artwork also invites others in, evokes their memories, and starts a dialogue about shared experiences.

     Thriving on variety, my work goes from the familiar to the abstract, and back again.  Often starting with nature as my inspiration, I begin the creative process by keenly observing  my surroundings and contemplating how I feel about the subject and what I want to express. This allows me to intuitively create authentic pieces that capture my interpretation of the subject matter influenced by my experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

     Inspired by the impressionists, post-impressionists, and abstract expressionists, I adore color.  Colors on my palette, sometimes straight from the paint tube, other times mixed into unique hues, are forever changing and evolving.  Employing brushes, knives, fingers, spray bottles, cloth, and found objects, I utilize various techniques to spontaneiously apply paint and make marks, creating unique and varied textures on a canvas.  The  multiple layers of paint hide but at the same time expose, deeper layers of my personal vulnerability and raw emotions.

     Where will my work lead me?  I hope that I will continue to grow and produce as an artist, expressing myself, touching others, and creating conversations.





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