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Connecticut's Historic Garden Day Poster Contest Winner

We are pleased to announce West Simsbury, CT artist Lori Racicot-Burrous as the winner of its 2015 Historic Gardens Day Poster Art Contest. The contest aims to join Connecticut artists with the group’s historically significant homes and gardens. Along with a cash prize, the contest offers the winning artist widespread exposure – at the annual Connecticut Flower & Garden Show (February 19-22, 2015, booth 413), at each of the 14 Connecticut’s Historic Gardens sites throughout the year, and at Connecticut’s Historic Gardens Day itself, an event that attracts thousands of garden lovers throughout the state and beyond. This year’s Historic Gardens Day takes place on Sunday, June 28, from 12-4 pm.

Lori has been painting since she was a child, but only recently began painting full-time on a professional level. She has a B.A. in business from the University of Texas at Dallas, a Master of Education from Texas A & M Commerce and she taught elementary school for many years. Whether she is painting barnyard animals, landscapes, florals or still-lifes, she uses multiple layers of color to create paintings full of texture with an impressionistic feel. You can see more of her work and Lori Racicot Art. Artist Lori Racicot-Burrous poses in her studio, with the contest-winning painting, Florence Griswold Garden.

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