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Day 23 of the 30 Day Challenge - "Onions and Grapes"

Artists often reproduce or copy other artist's work to build their skills. That is the case with this painting, a copy I did of Joyce Washor's "Onions and Grapes." See Joyce's painting below. Joyce paints very small paintings (3" x 4" and smaller) and she wrote a wonderful book, "Big Art small canvas," about oil painting. Althought I paint with acrylics, I have been having fun experimenting with some of the techniques in her book. I love the brush strokes and pallets she uses, and I have been experimenting, mixing, and reproducing those colors as best I can with my acrylic paints. Since this painting is not an original of mine, it is not signed or for sale.

DSC_2217 (2).JPG

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