Image Ownership:

Lori retains image rights to all artwork she creates including commissioned paintings. 

Unless the collector has purchased the image rights to the artwork, Lori retains the right to make and sell reproductions of any and all artwork she creates.  When a collector purchases an original painting, they have the right to display the original artwork, but may not reproduce it without Lori's written permission.  If the artwork is used in a magazine or other media, please credit Lori Racicot as the artist. To inquire about purchasing image rights to a painting you purchased, contact us here.

Springtime in the Adirondacks

SKU: 0082021
  • Description:

    "Springtime in the Adirondacks," depicting a favorite hiking spot of mine on the Paul Smith's College trails, is a study painted on an 8" x 10" canvas.  Unframed.